Old School RuneScape Gold Making Guide 2021

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RuneScape money makes the RuneScape world go round. Old School RuneScape gold is highly valued today than RuneScape 3 for the fact that it’s getting harder and harder to make money in the old version.

Sometimes players risk their necks and face awe-inspiring Dragons to take their treasures for themselves and sometimes they do basic chores just to earn some money in OSRS.

In this guide, we will cover how to make more OSRS gold in an exciting way.

Slaying Avianses

A good way to make OSRS money and also obtain tons of Ranged XP.

Aviansies are majestic monsters loyal to Armadyl locked in the eternal battle against forces of Zamorak in God Wars Dungeon.

As such, you can ambush them and steal their loot. Since Aviansies are flying creatures, you cannot hit them with melee. You may use Magic, but Ranged is a highly preferred way to ambush them, especially if you have Toxic Blowpipe.

Recommended stats:

  • 60 Agility or Strength to enter the dungeon        
  • 70 (80) Ranged 
  • 70 Defense        

Don’t forget to bring food as well as your gear! To save yourself some trouble, wear an Armadyl-affiliated piece of clothing or use a Zamorak related item


Getting back to Armadyl and his pets left on RuneScape, we have Kree‘arra, the leader of the aforementioned Aviansies.

Beating the boss in OSRS is always a good gold making method for any RS level. Therefore, if you are ready to take your game to the next level, go bring down the big guy.

In addition to dropping many goodies, this angry bird also drops the best Ranged equipment currently available in OSRS.

Tip: The best method to kill Kree’arra is to utilize Black Chinchompas along with Blood Barrage. With this method, you will not be attacking the boss directly but rather lure his bodyguard near him and then attack the bodyguard. This allows you to deal more damage.

Buy RuneScape Gold

The easiest method to acquire OSRS gold hands down is simply buying it. OSRS is a huge game and you might simply not have enough time to enjoy the entirety of it, especially when you need to farm gold.

To avoid the tedium and experience all Gielinor has to offer you can buy OSRS gold for real money instead of grinding for hours and hours.               

Numerous people and many sites are selling OSRS gold. Individuals often offer lower prices but buying from them carries a greater risk. Sites, on the other hand, are the more expensive option, however, safer.

You can say “But hey, there are many sites too, how do I choose?” and to this, we have a simple answer – Probemas.

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